Still making changes

Just a quick update on my #ChangeOneThing Challenge. I’ve been keeping up with it but haven’t had any time to write about it. Among many other things going on right now, Baby H’s sleep has gone to shit and so I have almost no child free time, so while I hold her as she sleeps I’m going to try to list (from my phone, so it won’t be pretty) the changes I’ve made in the time I’ve been away from here. In writing them down I notice two have overlapped, oops! Not quite changing just one thing, but hey ho. That’s what happens when I don’t write stuff down when I’m this tired! Anyway, here they are:

Change #4: Moving baby naps & evening sleep to H’s new room: Started 18/02/13 – KEEPER

Change #5: Eat more veg/’Cooking Mondays’: Started 04/03/13 – KEEPER

Change #6: No Caffeine!!! : Started 11/03/13 – KEEPER

I’m not going to go into the details of each one now, hopefully I’ll get a chance sometime soon, but I will say that Change #6 was the hardest of them all. Anyone that knows me can tell you I’m quite the caffeine fiend, diet cola is my biggest weakness but I damn well did it people! I’m really quite proud of this one. Not only that but I ran down all the flavoured drinks in the house (squash etc.) so that I was only drinking water, herbal/fruit tea or homemade smoothie most of that time. In effect it was kind of  a beverage detox. I can say I craved flavoured drinks pretty badly and felt quite strange at times.This really made me think more widely about my choice of beverages, not just caffeine, and their effect. I’m surprised to find myself saying that I plan to stick with the new healthy beverages regime. I can’t say that I’ll never have caffeine again but I’m   to stick with not having diet cola in the house anymore.

What next? Well, we had some bad news last week which means Baby H will be back to lots of medical appointments over the next weeks and months so Change #7 needs to be a flexible one while we work out what the future holds. My #ChangeOneThing for the next 14 days will be to Find a Solution for Family Mealtimes. I want Baby H to sit with us properly at dinner time but we only have one highchair that fits at the breakfast bar where we usually eat. I’m not ready to move the toddler from it because I quite frankly need a few moments in the day when I know he’s contained. We can’t afford another one (it was not cheap) and we don’t really have room for two. Moving to eat at a normal table will cause some logistical issues as well. Our house isn’t very big when you fill it will two small people and all the stuff that goes with them. Particularly the laundry which, in this never ending winter has to be dried indoors and in our house the only space left is the dining area of our living room. Hmmm. So my goal for this challenge is to find a workable solution to this conundrum. I’ll let you know how it goes!


The Rules: Change ONE thing in your life. Commit to maintaining that change for 14 days. At the end of the 2 weeks decide if the change worked for you. If it did, keep it. If it didn’t, ditch it and move on. Either way, decide on a new change to begin on Day 15. Lather, rinse, repeat. Document what works and what doesn’t (use the #changeonething hashtag) and see how many changes you’ve made by the end of the year!!

Change #1: New Morning Routine: Started 07/01/13 – KEEPER

Change #2: Reduce Telly Time: Started 21/01/13 -DITCHED

Change #3: A Room for Baby H: Started 04/02/13 – COMPLETE

Change #4: Moving baby naps & evening sleep to H’s new room: Started 18/02/13 – KEEPER

Change #5: Eat more veg/’Cooking Mondays’: Started 04/03/13 – KEEPER

Change #6: No Caffeine!!! : Started 11/03/13 – KEEPER

Change #7: Find a Family Meal Solution: Started 25/03/13 –

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