Change One Thing: Update #3 / Week of Sad

This will be a very short update because this week turned out to be so much worse than The Week of Small Disasters, this week has been a week of sadness because my Father-in-Law died this week. He did not die in the manner he wished, and our hearts are broken all that more for it.

Change #3: A Room for Baby H, has been a success because right now, this minute, H is up in her new cot in her room asleep, however it is complete but not finished because there is still more to do. There is a lot of clutter that needs tidying away, a shelve that needs moving and an additional curtain or blind needs to go up so we can make the room dark when necessary. It is a success because, while it’s not yet quite the beautiful space I want for her, it is safe for her to sleep in there and as of yesterday she’s slept in there both for naps and in the evening.

I have no idea what Change #4 will be. I’m back into ‘coping mode’ for now, so the challenge is on hold this week while we have a funeral and start adjusting to life without Alec.

RIP Alec

RIP Alec



The Rules: Change ONE thing in your life. Commit to maintaining that change for 14 days. At the end of the 2 weeks decide if the change worked for you. If it did, keep it. If it didn’t, ditch it and move on. Either way, decide on a new change to begin on Day 15. Lather, rinse, repeat. Document what works and what doesn’t (use the #changeonething hashtag) and see how many changes you’ve made by the end of the year!!

Change #1: New Morning Routine: Started 07/01/13 – KEEPER

Change #2: Reduce Telly Time: Started 21/01/13 -DITCHED

Change #3: A Room for Baby H: Started 04/02/13 – COMPLETE

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