Muddling through and not blogging about it

Well, it really has been a while. I’m still about on Twitter and on Instagram under the same user name but here, not so much for now. My ‘Twitter overspill’/blog is being sorely neglected but life, as as it is at the moment, has severely limited my ability to do more than post a photo, or bastardize the English language in 140 characters or less!

There are days when I would love to record here the beautiful, funny, sweet,  moments of parenthood. Days when I badly need to vent about the hard stuff, the endless tantrums, the dirty protests by the toddler, our dilapidated home, the impossibility of getting out of the house, how much I miss my husband and the complete lack of any childfree time, but the only time available to me to do this is time in which I should be trying to sleep. I can’t remember the last time I slept more than two hours. I should be sleeping right now but it’s beyond hot and sticky in our room, so I’m blogging about not blogging. Blerg. Cue cute baby photo. Night all.


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