Staying in is the new going out?

When you have two kids under three getting out of the house is nothing less than a saga. It’s positively hellish a lot of the time, especially when you’ve begun potty training. We basically spent the whole of June under house arrest due to potty training and nap issues, because at the moment, no matter what time of the day we leave the house I’m depriving a child of a nap, or risking a late nap on our return, which either makes for a miserable outing or a hideous bedtime, or both.

Anyway, I digress.

While we’ve been staying in a lot I’ve been trying to do some more regular messy play to add a bit of variety to our days. I’m still learning what works for us, in particular trying to meet the needs of both a 10 month old and her brother who is almost 3, and It’s been a bit hit and miss (I’m still finding red lentils all over the house and spaghetti in the garden) and sometimes it’s the daytime bath after the messy play that my two enjoy the most!

What I’ve learnt so far, in no particular order, is:

– a little food colouring can go a looooong way

– run a bath before you begin anything really messy (small people can make A LOT of extra mess while waiting for the bath to run, and have dark coloured towels at the ready to effect the transfer of mucky small people to said bath (see above!)

– a small outdoor sand/water table is excellent for indoor sensory play, especially if you’re short on space

– confine the mess! We do our messy play in the kitchen and I’ve learnt the hard way to shut the door to the rest of the house. I will be cleaning up smears of green mashed potato for days after the littlest made a break for it (man she can crawl fast when she wants to!)

– clothes – this hot weather is excellent for messy play, I have my two in pants/nappy. Easy peasy. But don’t forget to think about what you’re wearing too because you’re gonna get messy as well! And if you have long hair? Might want to make sure it’s tied back… *picks more green mashed potato out of hair*

– when catering to a baby and toddler it’s much easier if you literally cater and go for edible messy play because everything is going to go in baby’s mouth at some point.

Here’s some photos of today’s indoor adventure, ie. what I’ll be cleaning up for days to come! 🙂


Blue ice in water, red pasta bows & yellow instant mash






By the end we were left with a cold, green, squishy swamp

If nothing else, we all learnt that blue and yellow most definitely make green!

Night all x

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