So far, so good: Feeling Positive

Today was the day that Baby H got her first hearing aids. I was feeling quite emotional about it yesterday and I wasn’t sure what the day would hold but it turns out, getting us of out of the house by 8am was the toughest part of the day! We did it though. All four of us made it to the audiology appointment with time enough to have a cup of tea in the canteen (which smells of boiled cabbage all day every day). We brought J with us because after everything that happened last year he worries when Baby H has medical appointments. Her audiology appointments could be as frequent as fortnightly while she’s still a baby, so we wanted him to meet the audiologist and see where H will be going so regularly.

The appointment itself was crazy busy, there were 5 adults, toddler J and Baby H in the tiny sound proofed room. J behaved amazingly and the staff were ace at including him in everything. They had plenty of toys for him to investigate and he was really good at being quiet when we needed him to be. So, an hour after arriving, we left with the tiniest pink hearing aids, programmed to meet H’s particular hearing requirements, and all the maintenance gear that goes with them in the funkiest bag ever.


On the way home from the hospital I treated us to a trip to our favourite local toy shop and a trip to the park. I wanted to make lots of positive memories and associations today for the whole family today and my two favourite little people did not fail to deliver!


In the afternoon Harriet wore her hearing aids (or ‘ear pocpocs‘) for the first time. They were a bit fiddly to get in but when I turned them on she laughed. And I think I fell in love with her even more, because I understand that many children cry, or go very quiet. Some children pull them straight out because, let’s face it, they must feel pretty strange. But Baby H laughed and then she set to making her ususal noises and investigating the toys, paying extra attention (I thought) to the ones with more subtle sounds which she may not have been able to hear properly before. She was particularly impressed with J’s Leapfrog toy, Scout, who (quietly) talks and plays music. Her reaction tells me she may not have realised this before because she was fascinated with him in a way she hadn’t been before.





She wore them for about 90 minutes and then I took them out for her nap. She did so well and it all feels very positive. We’re back to audiology tomorrow to check a query I had about the amplification levels (how fab is it that when I called this afternoon they straight away booked us back in for tomorrow morning to check the hearing aids over?) and then over the next few days and weeks we just work out how to add in regular times for H to wear her hearing aids every day until it becomes our new normal. Easy Peasy, as J would say!


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