Change One Thing Challenge: Eating and Sleeping

Challenge #7 was to Find a Family Meal Solution and I’m pleased to say I’ve found a workable solution almost immediately and we’ve all been eating together at the table (not the breakfast bar) for the past 14 days. The solution was a travel booster seat (which we already had tucked away) to enable our toddler to seat on a dining chair, freeing up the highchair for Baby H. The only other challenge has been to keep the dinning table relatively clear of clutter during the day so that it’s simple to set when dinner time comes. It’s helped that Mr S has been home for dinner every day these last two weeks, the extra pair of hands has definitely helped with the transition. I think Baby H has been enjoying the change, and given the recent news about her hearing (something which will no doubt be the subject of a separate post at some point), it is a change which can only help her language development. J however is taking some time to get used to it, he’s messing around more in an effort to gain more attention now that H is sharing mealtimes with us. It’s hard learning to share your people. He’ll get there. And Change #7 is absolutely a keeper.

Change #8 relates to a touchy subject in this house. Sleep. J has never been a sleeper, he’s still high maintenance in this area (I’m writing this as I listen to Mr S stil trying to get him to sleep – it’s 9.20pm). Baby H on the other hand seemed to be a much better sleeper. Until about a month ago that is, and then it all went to shit. Waking every 40 minutes or less and occasionally sleeping 90 minutes if we are lucky. Her naps are pretty good. She has a fairly consistent pattern but night-times are exhausting. We co-sleep from her first wake-up after I go to bed, or at the moment, from the point at which I give up trying to get her to sleep as few hours in her cot. This is the long way around for saying, while I understand the many, many, many reasons why she wants to only sleep on or with her Mummy at the moment, I want to try a few gentle things to encourage her to sleep a little longer without me, because I am Exhausted. Mr S is Exhausted. And we are heading into more medical turmoil over the next few months. And we need some rest. So, thanks to the fab Nancy Holtzman (seriously, go find her on Twitter, you wont regret it) and the ISIS Parenting Webinars, I’m going to try a little bit of gentle ‘trading down’ sleep associations for the next 14 days and see where this gets us. In Plain English, I’m going to try and switch things around a little so that (illness & other upsets not withstanding) I don’t breastfeed H to sleep for the next 14 days. I started this today and so far she seems amenable (I’m sitting downstairs writing this on my laptop for once rather than painfully typing it on my phone with H in my arms!)  This one I’ll persist with for 5 days and review, and then take it day by day until day 14, because 14 days is a long time for a 6 month old. I let you know how it goes!



The Rules: Change ONE thing in your life. Commit to maintaining that change for 14 days. At the end of the 2 weeks decide if the change worked for you. If it did, keep it. If it didn’t, ditch it and move on. Either way, decide on a new change to begin on Day 15. Lather, rinse, repeat. Document what works and what doesn’t (use the #changeonething hashtag) and see how many changes you’ve made by the end of the year!!

Change #1: New Morning Routine: Started 07/01/13 – KEEPER

Change #2: Reduce Telly Time: Started 21/01/13 -DITCHED

Change #3: A Room for Baby H: Started 04/02/13 – COMPLETE

Change #4: Moving baby naps & evening sleep to H’s new room: Started 18/02/13 – KEEPER

Change #5: Eat more veg/’Cooking Mondays’: Started 04/03/13 – KEEPER

Change #6: No Caffeine!!! : Started 11/03/13 – KEEPER

Change #7: Find a Family Meal Solution: Started 25/03/13 – 07/04/2013  – COMPLETED

Change #8: Trading down sleep associations: Started 08/04/13 –

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